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Part of what makes Monopoly suck is the house rule that Free Parking give a payout. It just prolongs the game pointlessly.
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Liberty is not diminished by economic stimulus. Capitalism is not diminished by economic stimulus. "Big Government" is a leading phrase, a dishonest rhetorical tactic inserting an opinion as something presupposed. Data based economics has showed the effectiveness of stimulus spending, but libertarians, like the Marxists they mirror, care much less about empirical reality than their perfect ideology, and ignore the facts when they contradicts their ideology. It is a comforting delusion to imagine one has all the answers a priori.
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The Earons seem to be borrowing from DEVO a bit, and they aren't wearing the helmets in the whole video, so probably nothing direct. Robot/space suits pop up all over the place, so it's hard to say there's anything but a coincidence. The music just sounds like generic 80s synth pop rather than the sample-heavy, pitch-shifted, hyper sequenced electronic tunes DP play, where Kraftwerk is more of an inspiration. The French band Space have the DP vibe much more:
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I like green-bean casserole, though I am a vegetarian... Kind of seemed extra harsh to not just ignore but spite vegetarians there.
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One way to define a god is a thing that people worship. Beauty, youth, power, love, wealth, justice, art, knowledge, wisdom, compassion, fairness, health, etc. - take your choice which you worship, but choose well and thoughtfully.

If looked at that way, then there are no atheists, just some people who don't recognize what they worship. Christianity and its faith-based cousins mangled this view, and now we live in very confused times were rejecting a certain type of Abrahamic creator god is seen as atheism. But my views are old-fashioned here.
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True, Edison didn't invent the bulb (nor did he claim to) - he invented a usable bulb with a long lasting filament. Inventing a working lightbulb was a major contribution to the modern world. Edison's phonograph was not the first sound recording device, but it was the first sound recording and replaying device. The gramophone was invented decades later and was a further refinement on Edison's invention that used flat discs instead of cylinders.

Because of a bizarrely misinformation filled Oatmeal article it's popular to bag on Edison these days, but a lot of those criticisms are unfortunately repeating the Oatmeal's fabrications.
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To be fair, the elephant had gone rogue and was going to be executed. Animal rights groups of the time didn't want it to be hanged so Edison electrocuted it (after it had been fed cyanide) as a form of euthanasia.

Edison was a mixed bag (like the anti-semite Tesla), but did a lot to bring about the modern world as we know it.
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