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So does it say when the next one comes out? How does he get out of being gassed and tripping on Scarecrow drugs?

Usually the serial would just not mention it in the next one or cheat and blatantly have the hero roll away at the last second or jump out of a car that doesn't match stock footage of a Model T hurtling off a cliff.

Anybody but Jim Carrey has to be an improvement for the Riddler. A silent Lone Ranger without a hat on? Or he's Riddler from the Olde West?
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Oh yeah! That was REALLY weird to watch early in the morning as I need strong drink for something like that! Or dentist drugs.

I wonder who's going to be the first to say that Batman was created in 1939 in a Comic Book guy voice.
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Imagine if you actually had to live in the 20s when films of someone in a chair were considered pretty gripping. You kids today with your movies and your discotheques.
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