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"The Saga Begins April 4th" - for all of those Star Wars fans who don't want to simply pop their DVDs in and watch commercial free and unedited whenever they want to.
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>>>DDT said: I mean, look how many idiots believed in Y2K? Did all those people die, or vanish into thin air because of that belief? No. They believed in it so much, and nothing happened.

While Y2K was seriously over-hyped as something that would bring about the end of civilization, it was a real threat to many computer systems. The reason these systems didn't crash is because programmers and engineers worked around the clock for months to fix the problem.
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>>>NiteWhite said: In the USA people believe in a sky-fairy that intervenes in people’s lives - not much different than that shaman.

The big difference is you don't see Christians challenging others on live TV to a smite-fest.

The secret to all magic is the belief of the person the magic is being practiced upon.
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Further proof that our government is for the corporations and don't give a damn about the country or its citizens. Credit Card interest devalues the dollar, plain and simple. Yes, of course you need loans for major purchases like college, a car or a home. But to encourage people to make small high interest loans for every tiny purchase just to funnel money from citizens pockets into the banks' pockets is lunacy. Even if you only pay a "low" 10% interest rate, you're devaluing the dollar by 10%. The same thing goes for non-bank ATM fees: If you withdraw $20 and pay a combined fee of $3 (from your bank and the ATM's bank) then you just devalued the dollar by 15%.

The thing that burns me is, to get the loans you really need (cars, homes,) you need to "build credit" by spending a few years of making those small unnecessary credit card loans. Then everyone looks around and says "why has inflation skyrocketed? Why is the housing market in the toilet?" Wake up, people.
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