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"Steve" Dillon. Matt Dillon has a facial deformity of his own but I don't think he can draw.
But, yes, Arseface indeed - and please, please, please, I hope Hollywood makes that Preacher movie and gets Kevin for the role
a) Authenticity
b) Saves on make-up
c) Great publicity
d) That Kevin guy gets to see some money instead of some arsehole actor like Matt Dillon.
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Dorkafork actually made some great points and put them forth a lot better than I did. He also made a distinction between positive and negative genetics...which was all I was trying to point out.
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Eugenics is not bunk. The scientific approach eugenics offer has been unfairly discredited and stigmatized. Of course there is room for it in the bunk bed of sexy, real science. Of course no one is talking about that Nazi nonsense. We can all agree that certain diseases are undesirable and getting to the root of them or, rather, trying to root them out is a good idea. This can lead scientists into the realm of eugenics. And we are not talking about "weeding out" homosexuals and people with disabilities.

For example, there are diseases and ailments which are more likely to haunt people of certain races. Ellis-van Creveld syndrome with the Amish and Tay-Sachs disease with Ashkenazi Jews (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_and_health). And no one wants to tackle this issue because of the racist implications inherent in doing so. We are not talking about forming an aryan master-race or eradicating undesirable traits, just helping people.
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