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Isn't there a distinction between street art and tagging? Tagging (as demonstrated by the Pixadores) is often random, egocentric vandalism, whereas a large percentage of "street art" is meant to enhance the urban landscape.

The Pixadores are merely an example of anarchy triumphing over art. It's sad.
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Pudifoot: Wow! Are you familiar with the term psychopath? Because statements like, "You don’t typically wound with a shotgun. Wounded people tend to sue," pretty much qualify you as one. And given your many posts on this subject (made at all hours of the day), I have a sneaking suspicion that you're a psychopath who doesn't get out of the house very often.

But in response to your rather idiotic argument, we DO happen to know what was going in his head. He told the dispatcher. He said "I'm going to kill them. They're getting away." Which means a) he intended to kill them and b) that they were "getting away" and therefore posed no threat to him.
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Here's the URL for the New Yorker story about the 1787 Lafitte.

The wine was a scam.
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