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I'm wondering why 20th and 21st century rappers (and singers) like to emphasize the squalid conditions of their upbringing. Did we have bards waxing lyrical about their horrible homelands in the past?
How old is the idea of "street cred" anyway?

"Many are the men who may testify to the dire conditions of my upbringing. Mine was a youth spent in the most splendid wretchedness. Behold my authenticity!"
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"Every country is free to have its own laws, whether based on religion or not."

Just like we are free to laugh at them for their backwards ignorance.

We are talking about Dubai here, people! F__ing Dubai! The most unholy exercise in waste, hubris and brainless materialism on the planet - and they dare to chide people for their consumer habits? Who's throwing stones in glass houses here? Who's being intolerant?

Casting the first stone...he without sin...etc.

(speaking of stonings - guess what's also legal in Dubai?)
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Ok, here's an idea (bear with me).

We strap nuclear bomb detonators to all the villagers, so that if anyone harasses them, they set of a chain reaction of nuclear mayhem that takes out the entire country. Therefore it would be in everyone's best interest to tread lightly.

It's like MAD for civil wars!
What you guys think!? Awesome, right?

Seriously though, that mercenary idea has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
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...blablabla a$$h0le...blablabla beat down...blablabla I'm a tough American guy...grrrrrr. I say we carpet bomb him! Friendly fire! Collateral damage! Pre-emptive kangarooing! Darn tootin'!
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"I haven’t read anything here that I haven’t heard from North Americans when the roles are reversed. You’re in their country, you obey their laws. Ignorance of those laws is no excuse."


If America would jump off a cliff, would you follow? Hmm? I don't care what America's mom let's him do, this is my house and my rules. Now eat your dinner!
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Oh and Drew
"The humor/outrage of this is primarily derived from ethnocentrism and the belief that our law is somehow derived from a “truer” source."

Yes, completely. But you know what, sometimes we have to lay aside our tolerance and relativism and say "this is bullshit".
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Why should Muslims care what or when I eat? I'm going to hell anyway (not 100% clear on this but that seems to be the tendency with most religions)
If Ramadan was being done for the right reasons (a testament to one's faith and self-discipline) then a true believer shouldn't care what other people do or think.
If these kind of religious rules are being passed down from the state then they have lost their original purpose. If it doesn't spring from within then it is not true faith.
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