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#7 has nothing to do with living alone. (Does having a roommate give you x-ray vision? :) It's a great tip even if people don't find you intolerable.
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Fuck this guy.

It's easy to intimidate kids into shutting up. I've done it. You stand up, you stare them down, you say literally anything, and they usually slouch away and shut up. You don't fucking hit them.

And no, please, dude did NOT think a 10-year-old was a grown man. He attacked a kid on purpose.
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Without Scrooge McDuck, the list makes no sense. You could move smaug, his hoard, and his entire cave to the bottom of the money vault and the money would still cover them up completely.
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Android Market's "Alarm Clock Xtreme" actually does force you to solve an arithmetic problem to turn it off. You can configure the difficulty of it. It also has the nice feature that, instead of playing the alarm sound, you can make it run any app. I use it to run an app that plays ambient sound at an increasing volume.

It gives you a snooze, though, so it's not as extreme as this one. And I'm pretty good at math, so forcing me to input the date would probably be more difficult.
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