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GWTW is my all-time favorite film and while I think the parts of Scarlett (2 T's!) Rhett and Melanie were perfectly cast, Leslie Howard was just all wrong for the part of Ashley, who, incidentally, played Ashley because Selznick agreed to let him direct "Intermezzo" with Ingrid Bergman. Seeing Jeffrey Lynn here makes me wonder if the role wouldve been better suited to an actor who WASn't more than 20 years senior to both his female castmates!
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I thought I understood that people overall are larger than they were back in the day. For example, when James Cameron made "Titanic", they reproduced the Grand Staircase to be a little larger than the original or all the actors would've looked disproportionately larger than the structure as it was designed in 1912.
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@ Cory--As a middle school teacher (with students only slightly older than 10), I have seen my share of students who cannot be coerced or threatened or intimidated by much of anyone...most kids do as theyre told and know how to act, but there are a few who do as they please and a lack of parenting is one reason for their poor behavior.
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...and also check out the 2009 documentary "Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak," a brilliant insight to this genius of a man. Hearing him talk about his books, in addition to his personal struggles and insecurities gave me new-found respect for him. RIP Mr. Sendak.
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PBS was a HUGE part of my emotional and mental development in the early 70s..(including Sesame Street and Electric Company) and I don't recall being a rabid fan of Mr. Rogers, but I know he and his show were integral to my development.

Also, long after I outgrew his show, I found myself watching some reruns and being so relaxed by his delivery and tone. No loud music or sudden noises. I was always ready for a nap after watching, so I'm sure my Mom was grateful to him, as well! :)
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Not that it matters, but the picture of Elizabeth Taylor is from "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" where she got an Oscar nomination for playing a hot and bothered woman who can't figure out why her hot husband (Paul Newman) won't sleep with her (he's gay). Not a hooker, but knowing Tennessee Williams, she was probably thisclose from becoming one!
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Anyone know what happened to his daughter? I know that Moe and Larry's daughters had made public appearances on behalf of their late fathers. Did (does) Curly's daughter do the same?
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