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No, it is not this cat fight video, it does not autoplay. I just made my comment here, obviously causing confusion, which I did not think about. The video that keeps cropping up is one that trails your own articles. It is at the start of every article and at the bottom right corner of the screen, unless I close it. Strangely, for the first time since the videos started a while ago, there are no videos today. Long may that continue!
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Latest from the society:-The Apostrophe Protection Society3rd December 2019John Richards has announced the he is disbanding the Apostophe Protection Society.Since the announcement, this site has had a 600-fold increase in traffic, which is proving expensive. So we have decided to close the site until the new year.When it returns, the site will no longer be updated.Thank you for your interest.
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I don't wish to belittle the subject or these well-meaning people. But they are about as much use for the environment as all those 'celebrities' who went off to the Google jolly in the Mediterranean in 140 private jets and dozens of mega yachts to talk climate change last month.   Or St. Greta of Thunberg with her publicity stunt trip across The Atlantic to do the same. Obviously she can’t use a plane, because she’ll be called a hypocrite.  And she’s done just that, by making the trip on a 60-foot racing yacht. Naturally, this has made all her disciples very happy, but what’s the message?  That the half a million people who fly every day from Europe to America should use a £15m yacht instead? And take four weeks to do it? It gets worse, because if you examine the yacht she’s using, it’s not as green as you might imagine.  First of all, it is equipped with a diesel engine.  And second, it’s made mostly from carbon fibre, which cannot be recycled effectively, and which uses 14 times more energy to produce than steel.  Which can be recycled very easily indeed. What St. G of T is doing, then, is precisely the opposite of what she is setting out to achieve.  And so, I fear are those who think emotional energy can power the world.
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I thought this might be interesting so clicked the link which took me to Popular Science. It seems that I must consent - no other option is apparent - to "Allow all cookies", That means consenting to 14 allegedly necessary cookies and 85, yes 85, others. Being spied on is not one of my favourite things so fuck that and fuck Popular Science. There seems no easy or convenient way to register my disapproval of the policy direct with Popular Science either.
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