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Looks like a vacuum chamber to me, although someone seems to have added a hole, my guess is they have adapted the vacuum chamber into a rudimentary eyeball extraction device. It's really the only possible explanation.

(Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton Large)
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Curses, it would appear to be a vacuum tube pin straightener,
yet you really should read the rules RoryD, (no URLs)
Way to go spoily mac game spoiler

(p.s. seriously, who collects vacuum tube pin straighteners)

(p.p.s. I heart bigfoot womens small)
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I actually made something similar a few weeks ago, utilising a small canvas and 4 Neodymium magnets, I have been waiting until I got the Canvas painted before posting it up on instructables.
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It is a device for giving head massages from a long distance away, useful when having to give head massages to extremely tall or unpleasantly smelly people.
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How about the fact that Nicholas Brendon has an identical twin brother, Kelly Donovan, who has stepped in to play Xander twice. The first time as the second Xander in the episode "The Replacement", and the second when Nicholas Brendon was ill he covered the role in "The Intervention".
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Any Harry Potter fans will recognise these as "The Clankers" used to make noise to trigger a pavlovian response in the dragon that guards the oldest vaults.

More Awesome Than A Double Rainbow, Large
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