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"...a Heluim/Hydrogen hybrid gas with an atomic weight 150 times lighter than Helium alone." <-- what does that even mean? In any case, even going all the way to complete vacuum only gains you ~20% more lifting power than helium alone: you're limited by the mass of the displaced air.

Empirically, 45 large helium balloons can lift their own weight, plus about 8 pounds. The balloons shows are substantially smaller, and there's only 10-12 of them. So, a maximum lifting power of ~1 lb.

If you want to argue that the desk, titanium cleat and laptop collectively weigh less than 2 pounds (since half the weight is on the Jenga blocks), go ahead.
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I suspect that's a photoshop (or graffiti) of a place called "heroes pizza". There's a cafe in Oxford (UK) with that name that regularly gets its signs amended by students.
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There's at least one lady who's dealt as an equal with twelve US presidents...
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Either to prevent other males from copulation or simply to prolong his own copulation after death and thus supply more sperm. As you say, if he's sterile, it's irrelevant from an evolutionary perspective whether he survives or not.
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