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Unfortunately, though a quaint novelty, turducken is just not that tasty. First of all, because of the density of meat, it takes a very long time to cook: that dries out the turkey and the duck. Second, the flavors of the three meats just don't mix very well. Turkey, duck and chicken meats all have very distinct flavors, and pair well with specific sauces and sides.

I suspect that covering the whole thing with bacon just makes it worse.
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On some of the columns, there are low enough stoops that you can climb on -- I went up on top when I visited and walked down -- lots of local cats hang out on top, but it's a strange sensation to be on top of this ancient structure.
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This isn't fake. It happened in a small office in Vladivostok, Russia (the language spoken in the second, cellphone clip - , is Russian.) The story made the news in Russia, too: (Russian site, but you'll see the video)

No details yet on what set him off, but I'm following the Russian blogs where this was originally reported -- once there's more information, I'll post here.
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Haha, I was scrolling through the post, and I read "... Lincoln vs Douglas, Cleveland vs Blaine, Hoover vs Smith, Puppy vs Robot" -- funny post title sequence :) Puppy vs Robot - that's a presidential race I want to see!
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The HandySwitch is pretty nice -- however, every holiday season, they have remote control outlet switches on sale at every store that sells decorations for much cheaper. I ordered my handyswitch back in December for 15 bucks of so, and then picked up a Westinghouse remote controlled outlet switch for 5 or 6 bucks at Target.
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Why do you need Wikipedia to tell you that .999(9) is equal to 1? The proof is three lines long:

Let S = 0.999(9)
Then 10*S = 9.999(9)
10*S - S = 9 --> 9S = 9 --> S = 1

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You can see this very shoe tester in action at the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco. It's a little bit hidden: if you go to the second floor, and then look over towards the back of the museum, on top of the labs, it's right there -- and they even have its speed control exposed, so you can make it go faster or slower :-D
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