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I may be totally off base on this.... but that Olympic Ring / condom image may be a little this side of racist. Why is the yellow one so small, and the black one so long?
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I'm super surprised you posted this. It's a pretty nasty video of a hamster bing abused.

The hamster has fishing line bound tightly around it. It is is being yanked back pretty hard when the guy pretends to shoot it.

YOu can also tell it's being yanked back, because there is no physical way the hamster would be able to launch it's self in the weird down and back angle its dragged in.

You can clearly see the divett in the poor animals skin and fir where the line is wrapped about its body. It's animal abuse.

This same video has been called out for before for the abuse of the hamster.
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I think this might be a viral site for the show fringe... some of the info in his account seems similar to things that happened in the latter part if the season.
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i laughed when i saw this 6 months ago... and I chuckeled again.

The little girl - Pearl - in the video is infact actor Jeremy Piven's Neice.

there is a second and final pearl movie on the site.
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Ive seen a london underground version of the hoodie made a few years back - it was sold at the gift shoppe with the underground coffee/tea cups and other undergound items.
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How long has that one been there? Cus there is one in San Fransisco near the old Marina Safeway that has been there atleast since the 70's. In fact the one in SF is made from old grave stones and other cemetary stones, the inscriptions are still legible on someofthe rocks.
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Actually H&M has had a series of music inpired neckwear. Up to and including this very item. The H&M version comes in gold and silver, and the speaker portion of the ear bud had white enamel and diamond cut glass inlayed around the outer circle. The H&M version has been out for more than a year,and only costs about five bucks.
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