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I cut my toast in the "Mini Toast Rack" style, but my family calls it "butterflies". I cut my PB&J sammies (thank you, Rachael Ray!) that way too, but I cut my ham n' cheese sammies again, in the "Squares" pattern, ending up with 8 bite-sized sections.
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Morse Code, for S.O.S.; learn it!
(..._ _ _ ...), or dot-dot-dot-dash-dash-dash-dot-dot-dot.
Maybe if the lady had been banging this, she might've been discovered sooner than 20 days. I was taught in the Boy Scouts to blow my whistle in that pattern if I was lost, too.
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They should consult the experts, who have centuries of experience with this. Eskimos. Heck, let 'em keep the meat, the cabin, whatever they want, and fly them back home afterwards.
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Yesterday, as a matter of fact, I watched from my car as a fat lady and her son wheeled a cart, overflowing with groceries, through the Vons parking lot, across a very busy street, and down the sidewalk, never to be seen again. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say she didn't bother to return it.
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I, too, was trapped on this ride for about 45 minutes when I was a very young teen. The repetitive music quickly becomes a form of torture that has been recognized and banned under the Geneva Conventions, and the creepy, dirty, cracked and peeling animatronic dolls were frightening.
I refused to go on this ride ever since.
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