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So would it be okay if we Americans illegally enter Canada for work? That would be pretty cool. I've heard about the BC bud and northern lights.
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Sounds like he's wrestling a dog on a leather couch from the surface noise.

Actually, this is the second message. The very first message was "All your base belongs to us!"
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Trust me, I know what it's like to be throttled by Netflix back when I rented DVDs through the mail.

I've been streaming for almost a year - and besides occasional sloppy resolution issues, I've very rarely been shut out. I'm guessing it may be your Internet Provider.

The content selection is mid-level - but 8 bucks a month? You can't beat that, especially when cable companies charge $60 for the "basic" package, and force you to watch commercials. Netflix is a great deal.
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I guess the FaceBook stock failure has finally pushed the United States into Third-World status, thus not making this list.

Thanks, Mr. Hoodie.
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Don't get me wrong - I hated P.E., too. But, in retrospect, I am glad they ran my butt around the field. I can't imagine what it would've been like if I were chained at a desk the entire day, being forced to listen to someone talk. That is called "office work".
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The Food Police can burn down every fast-food restaurant, and people will still be fat. Why? No physical education at schools any more - and the lawyers also outlawed all playground equipment and games (dodge ball). The kids have nothing to do but stare at their IPads. We have luminaries like John Edwards to thank for that.
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This country may have MORE food than years ago, but ACCESS has always been the same. I don't recall there ever being food shortages.

What is different is peoples' attitudes towards moderate eating and exercise. That has gone completely downhill.

This isn't rocket science.
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It annoys me how much the rest of the world hates us, and then I read something like this. What that fat pig shoved in his face could've fed a village.
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Having a tattoo myself - I have this advice to you kids:

Be sure to get something that, years from now, you can look at and not wonder "WTF was I thinking?". Something may be "groovy" and "cool" to you now, but years later you may be constantly covering it up and/or going through an extremely painful removal process.

And don't be a tool - getting "warrior" tats is not going to magically turn you into a tough guy.
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