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No jokes, but turtles / tortoises are very horny little buggers. Seems like half the time I see them they're making baby turtles. Hell, I even saw one at one time that had put food on the back of the bottom turtle's shell so he could get a snack while having sex.
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How about #8 The Apathetic? I know the show exists, I even have HBO, but I just have no interest in the show cause it's not my thing. I don't have any great hatred or any feelings for the show or it's stars (never heard of most if them), but I don't care about them. No particular reason why. You love it? Good for you, watch it and love it. I have no interest.
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You may want to mention that since the site is British a fair amount of the nutritional info will be different elsewhere (in America for instance where our Kit Kat bars are made by a different company than in the UK).
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Most of the fifty respondents come off as, well, rather uptight to me. I suppose that could just be cultural differences.

It is going the other way in some cases. I've heard American kids refer to a line as a "queue" and the bathroom as "the loo."

Hell, a steady longterm diet of Terry Pratchett, Are You Being Served?, Monty Python, and Doctor Who has inserted lots of Britishisms into my and my husband's lexicon. I even put down "bogroll" when I make up our grocery list.
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Are they all that rare? There's an animal park near us that has several of them. (They didn't breed them, they got them that way.) Here's an adult donkra:
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