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Calling Jason Everman a member of Nirvana is akin to calling Jimmy Nicol a member of the Beatles. Yes, he played with the group while they toured for a year, but he was never intended to be a fulltime member (although he certainly was exploited to cover the studio fees for their first album, which he didn't even play on).

Interestingly--depending on how much you care about the bands!--Jason's role was reprised in the 1993-1994 tour by Pat Smear, who joined Dave Grohl (who himself replaced Nirvana's Everman-era drummer Chad Channing) in founding the Foo Fighters. He continues to play with that band today, a 5-year hiatus not withstanding.
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Thanks for your post; 2 years ago I was reading Curious George to a group of kindergarten students. At one point, George gets taken to jail. A little girl piped right up, "Oh, just like my daddy!" It was like a flootgate opened -- several other students joined in, "Yeah, my cousin too!" or, "My brother was in jail," and even a, "My mom gets home soon!"

It's great that it's not a reality for a lot of kids, but why cast aspersions on the affected children? They didn't get arrested. They just love someone who did. Kudos to Sesame Street for creating materials just for them. A pity the Alex muppet will only 'live' online and not on the Street proper; seems like a lot of adults could learn something from him too.
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