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Back in high school they used to issue us with Shakespeare plays printed with the left hand page as is and the right hand page translated into the current vernacular. I always -hated- them, both because I personally felt the plays were a lot better with the added poetry and also because it always got other students going off about Old English. My parents had made me into an unfortunately well-educated kid, so hearing people say "Old English" when they did not in fact mean Old English but just a stylized older Modern English made my brain twitch something awful.

Also if I, being a 14-year-old kid, pointed out their mistake they did tend to either ignore or make fun of me. It's really a damn good thing I'm naturally good at making friends, or I would've been up a creek.
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That site only claims that ADHD cannot be proved by objective evidence. That does not mean it does not exist. The large amounts of pain associated with Fibromyalgia cannot be proven to exist by objective evidence. Does that mean that people who are victims of that disease are lying about their pain? No. It does not.

In fact, PMS and cramping used to be thought to be completely psychosomatic, because it was difficult to prove them with objective evidence. Nevertheless I have no doubt in my mind that I have indeed experienced them.

In other words, Matt, I don't buy your story.
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