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Although a clear consensus is absent, studies have pointed out that exposure to electromagnetic radiation could possibly induce some effects in human tissue. Engineers in South Korea have applied a layer of graphene to contact lens to help shield the eyes from electromagnetic radiation.
This is false. There is a clear consensus that no, non-ionizing EM radiation has no detectable effect on human tissue. As for shielding my eyes, sunglasses do a great job of that, and I can take them off easily indoors.
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The steps in the lawn are like that because the yard used to be more sharply terraced, but it has slumped in the decades since the steps were poured.
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There shouldn't even be speculation on this topic. If the blocks were poured, we would see obvious signs of that, like layering and bubbles. We would also see isotopic telltales of the wood burned to activate the lime used, and archeological evidence of the vast pits where this work was done. Instead, as noted above, we can see identifiable fossils in the blocks, and we can walk around in the quarry where they were cut.
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HWY 101 is always losing sections. This is nothing new, and it hasn't accelerated significantly from past washouts. There used to be sections of the highway that ran on the beach, and couldn't be passed at high tide, before they were moved up the cliff face onto cutouts. As long as people want to move up and down the coast, it will be worthwhile to maintain the highway.
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I would hardly say "the era of serial killers has petered out." Trump has a body count of 450,000 and still rising. If anything, 2021 is on track to be a heyday for serial killers.
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