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Do not use small paper/cardboard boxes like this. Doing it like this is a fire hazard - many routers get very hot and require proper air flow. I have actually seen a linksys router melt partially due to being in a cabinet with the top vents covered too much. If you use a larger box with proper cuts for venting then you could use wood, otherwise use plastic or metal to provide a little safety, but regardless do your best to provide ample airflow. These are not meant to be placed in small confined spaces.
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While interesting in theory a whole lot of those are either blatant lies or specific to certain managers that would quickly lose their franchise if reported to corporate. If you work in a place that does this crap, report it up the chain or to your local public health department.

Not that there aren't plenty of reasons not to eat fast food...
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These have been increasingly popular for a couple years in other specialty brands and stores (Trader Joe's I think has them out front quite a bit now). I think it's more of a case of Lays jumping on the bandwagon. :)
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Poorly phrased question. If this is something critical to your livelyhood, you care about when you need more by, not when you gobble the last one. In that case, they "last" an hour and a half, not an hour. If you care about the impact of the medicine on your ability to perform other tasks, like driving or take other medicine which may have interactions, then they will "last" even longer than an hour and a half until it safe.

The question should be at least closer to the subject, like "when will you run out of pills?"
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Well, for starters, we should stop calling them women's bikes, because they aren't, especially in adult sizes. They are called step-through bikes, and outside of the US they are commonly used by both men and women because they are more convenient to use as city and cargo bikes because you don't have to go through contortions to get on one in normal clothes or with a loaded rack behind your seat.
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This is definitely in the novelty camp. Not only is the source audio digital rather than an original analog recording (a benefit of vinyl if you are using analog recording methods is that there is no A-D conversion), but current printing methods aren't accurate/high resolution enough for a clean copy.

Vinyl is not inherently "warmer" than the original audio BTW, that depends on your equipment.
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There's nothing wrong with breastfeeding, but to do so in the classroom is definitely unprofessional. You simply shouldn't be caring for an infant in the middle of a lecture. Not only is it not part of your job, but it breaks your connection with the audience for the duration of the lecture, interfering with your work (professional speaking 101). She didn't have to cancel class, she could have just called a 10-15 minute break to attend to the child - this is college, your students are adults, they'll understand having to attend to a personal matter for a minute.

Considering the context of the class and her excuses I have to question whether the professor was actually making a personal statement with her conduct more than anything, but not knowing her I can't make that call.
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