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Nowhere. Stop buying them, They provide absolutely no real benefit over using normal detergent in the bins they are intended for, and if you don't use prewash you get worse results. All for higher cost. It is one of the biggest industry scams ever - a waste of money and a bad product for the environment. Stop encouraging these companies.
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The whole thing about the image potentially being wrong is misleading in itself - the picture is by volume, and the label is by weight. If the sugar is denser than the other ingredients, then yes, it can be half by volume and more than half by weight.
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That second one above is highly unlikely, clinics are required to keep fluids on hand (usually juice boxes) for that reason. That story would be multiple levels of extreme incompetence if true, and lawsuit worthy.

#16 is the customer's fault primarily. Air Canada has a well stated cutoff for check in, and while they can sometimes flex it slightly if you don't have bags to check, if you do, they have no way to check you in, you've missed your flight. I know, because both I and friends have been 5 minutes late. :) it sucks, but you deal. They'll usually rebook you no problem though, so I suspect the rest of the story is a result of dealing with an angry and persistent passenger.
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That's the extra benefit of being close, I just walk so I don't have to deal with the parking. I also go early saturday or sunday right after they open. I walk by every day of the week after getting off the bus, but never go in then because it is usually PACKED. :)
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I do sometimes, but only because I go every week (if you couldn't guess from my comments above). It's just a few blocks away from my house, so... yeah. :)
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I have no experience with Aldi, but Kroger (Fred Meyer in my neck of the wood) certainly has a few gems, as does Target (Archer's Farm). Even the best tend to be fairly standard and replaceable products though.

What sets TJs apart is that everything is cherry picked, comes from multiple sources, and stuff that doesn't sell well gets removed from their lineup regularly (always sucks when you like a niche product). They also go to the manufacturers and have specialty stuff made that simply doesn't exist elsewhere (e.g., this year's mango insanity, or the popular seasonal pumpkin products - I mean where else are you going to buy this ? :)). In the end you tend to be left with only stuff that is legitimately top notch, popular, or unique.

It's a hard store to describe unless you go to one a few times. If I ever move somewhere without one it's going to totally change the way I shop for groceries because so many items have become staples for me. ;)
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Design is definitely a factor because it gives an impression of care and thought invested in a product, but Trader Joes also does something else that matters - they pick consistently good quality products. Certainly their products largely come from generic manufacturers, but they also represent a lot of the best quality and unique products from those sources, which makes a big difference. Most generics I will try once and never buy again because they are garbage, but TJs has become a staple of products I love and can't find elsewhere under any brand.
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Tell all of that to the animators and voice actors in Japan and Korea getting paid effectively less than minimum wage. Wage cost in the entertainment industry has less to do with skill than it does with market specific demands and expectations, especially as it relates to artistic skills. Even within the US there are huge gaps in markets and the difference in pay scale is definitely not always skill based. Any tv show that cost millions of dollars is staffed by people getting luxurious amount of pay, and there's no reason to be whitewashing that. It makes more sense to uphold why it's inappropriate for those at the bottom of the pack not being able to make a living wage. That's where the expectation of cheap animation really hurts, not on Family Guy.
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There are actually a lot of determinations (not just assumptions) regarding white balance you can make from the highlights and shadows of the image (color casts are different at the extremes depending on lighting, especially when using cheap digital sensors), the adjacent objects (the cloth right behind it), and even the flaring from the dirty lens (you can actually see the color blend from the background lighting to the material in the top right). The lighting is too omni-directional to have a blue light be hitting the dress without it hitting anything behind it. That's enough to at least confirm that the white balance and lighting isn't so dramatic that a white/gold dress would reflect a blue wavelength to the camera (since we can measure and see that the color is distinctly blue).

That's not to say you couldn't have a situation where you could genuinely fool people (see today's XKCD), but there's definitely enough information in this image to be 99% sure that it is what it.... well, let's say what it can be measured to be. :)
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I don't think that really applies here, but yes, you will have issues reproducing any color at the extremes of available color gamuts or the photo-sensitivities of chemicals, especially when you have to account for the fact that our eyes are not perfect in how they interpret light either (since we only see certain wavelengths and our brains guess at others, if the reproduction doesn't create the exact combination the estimate can be significantly different). Violet is just an obvious example because it is very clearly outside of any RGB gamut.
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Sorry, but I'm a photographer too, and in my opinion at least, in this case nothing you are saying really matters to the degree you are implying. The dress *is* blue/black as it is presented in the image, the color values confirm it, and the white balance is not nearly far enough off to justify white/gold. This is a combination of poorly configured monitors and a trick of the eye depending on the individual's retina.

Also, purple, at least by common definition, is not a real color (it's brain trickery of the combination of seeing blue and red but not green/yellow, so it doesn't actually exist as a light wavelength) and true violet (the light frequency past blue) is outside of the color gamut of RGB color schemes we use both for acquisition (sensors) and reproduction (LCDs). It's actually borderline to our eyes as well and many people see it differently or don't see it at all. That's why it is practically impossible to reproduce "accurately" with common technology - the way we produce it is a best attempt at faking it.
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