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Hitchcock was simply brilliant.

I can watch Rear Window and North by Northwest every year and not get tired of them. I'd also highly recommend Lifeboat. Not seeing everything, but knowing it's happening (the shower scene, shark from Jaws, etc.) makes things so much scarier!
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William Betts creates wonderful work an dis a successful artist, not to mention a great guy.

The people making snarky comments about pcs and printers obviously don't know how to google. If they did 2 min. of research, they'd learn that Betts built the "painting machine" and created the software for it. He also hand blends every color of paint and fills the machine with each separately.

Interesting that some still think that using a printer/Photoshop/anything other then spit and canvas is "not art". People really need to wake up and smell the 21st century. Do you expect accountants to do their figures by hand? Would you be ok if the IRS took years to process your tax return becuase they can't "cheat" by using computers? Do you use a cell phone instead of a rotary land line phone?
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