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First, BMI is stupid. :)
Second, "Though the score differences seem small, Tanda noted that these effects of prepregnancy obesity were equivalent to a seven-year decrease in the mothers’ education and significantly lower family income" seems to be the real indicator.
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I hate it when people claim there is but one way to pronounce something. English has been around awhile and has gone through many changes and will continue to change as it is used more on different continents.
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So a company that invested in social media and web presence is looking at that for applicants...color me shocked. It's just a way to push interest in their product. Resumes will be here for awhile longer.
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No, no, and also no. We do have Einsteins and Freuds, but we have more of them and it is not as easy to go "That guy!" unless he's in a wheel chair with a computer talking for him.
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