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@Joseph i'm a former fire performer. at the end of a breath, nothing really happens. once the fuel is exhausted, the fireball just dissipates. the film actually does show it, around 3:38.
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according to Commercial Recreation Specialists (as well as one other company i found selling it), the Sports Park 60 costs...

...ready for it?...

$75,250!!! yes, that's over SEVENTY-FIVE THOUSAND dollars!
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ours were simple 18k white gold bands, so after my ex left, i wore it on another finger simply because i like wearing rings. a couple years later i started feeling a little weird about keeping it, so i sold it for $100 (which was pretty good, considering it only cost $150 to begin with.) i think that's the only time a pawn shop actually gave me MORE money than i expected!

i never regretted getting rid of it for any emotional reason, although in hindsight i probably would've just kept it and had the inscription polished out of the inside. then again, i have more rings than i ever wear, so i guess it's not a big'd probably be sunk deep into the depths of my jewelry box by now.
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ick, i worked at Guitar Center many years ago too! i'm sure i've got a few customer stories, and i'll have to think back on that. but the most frustrating part of working there was the company itself! they always figured out a way to screw me or my department out of bonuses, even when i sold $20,000 worth of gear in one day...i never saw a single cent from that!
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first off, hopefully this guy gets some jail time for assault!

second, you CAN get wasabi in the US...but it tends to be pretty expensive (and it's true that most "wasabi" sold in stores is basically just horseradish dyed green.) i've had real wasabi a couple times, and as much as i like the "dry spicy heat" that horseradish provides, REAL wasabi is pretty brutal. i mean, it tastes good and is a good accompaniment for sushi/sashimi, but it's REALLY strong!

if horseradish clears your sinuses, real wasabi will make you feel like your entire head has been hollowed out!
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'Mad Max' is one of my absolute favorite movies of all time! the sequels (especially 'Road Warrior') were really good too, but the low-budget original is by far the best! i actually think the low-budget look of the film enhanced its post-apocalyptic setting and my biggest complaint about the sequels is that they looked too "Hollywood-slick" (although i'll admit that 'The Road Warrior' probably had the best costumes out of the three.)

here's a fun fact that the original article failed to mention: when the film was released in the US, the distributors were afraid Americans would have a hard time with the Australian accents, so they had voice actors overdub the whole film. the resulting overdubs made the film seem completely ridiculous and the really do change the whole tone of the movie into something far less dark than what it really is. i believe all of the DVD releases have the original dialog track restored as the default, but (at least on my copy) you can go into the audio options and select the "American Overdub" version that was present on the film's original US release. it's pretty hilarious just how bad the overdubbing is, and it's worth watching at least once with it turned on.

ultimately 'Mad Max' is a pretty basic revenge story, but it was done in such a way that, at least for its time, it was pretty unique and i think it still holds up really well against modern dystopian movies. the whole series does, really. The Toecutter is one of the most under-rated movie villains of all time, and one of my favorites. Hugh Keays-Byrne was probably the most seasoned out of all the actors in the film, and it really shows: the Toecutter is one of those brilliant villains who's both supremely intelligent and also just little completely psycho!
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wow, i never realised they did this cover with life-sized cardboard cutouts! i'd always thought it was made up of regular-size photographs, cut and pasted into a collage.

i've also always wondered who's idea it was to have Aleister Crowley in the picture (FYI, Crowley is in the top/back row, second from left. the grumpy-looking bald guy.)
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companies often come up with clever marketing names for spin-off products. this is clearly not one of them, and is destined to be mentioned in a Neatorama "Terrible Brand Names that Almost Existed" feature 25 years down the line.

"Mondelez" doesn't sound remotely food-like. to me, it sounds like the name of a second-rate, off-Strip Vegas hotel.
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mrph, i thought this was a BS study the first time i heard about it a week or two back. the controls were terrible and they gathered so much data from so many dissimilar people that it's virtually worthless. it's kinda like that old saying, "if you hunt for a witch hard enough, eventually you'll find one", meaning that the data could be interpreted to mean whatever the "researchers" want it to mean, even if it's not scientifically sound or accurate. geez, even my 8th grade science class had better controls set up than this "study"!

while not scientific, here's a personal anecdote: my great-grandmother ate beef at least three times a week, along with pork and chicken. she also allowed herself one beer almost every day. all of that was purchased from a regular grocery store. yet, she lived to be nearly 94 years old!

my point is that, while i certainly agree that eating naturally-produced food whenever possible is the preferable option, people need to take most food studies like this with a massive, enormous grain of salt.
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