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Maybe you mis-typed or mis-spoke or something but in the post above it says you told your daughter people "derive no personal benefit from using" turn signals. Now you say it's safer to do so. So which is it?
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If you think there's no personal benefit to using a turn signal then you must be a truly terrible driver. The benefit is that other drivers around you know what you're going to do ahead of time and can act accordingly. Maybe you think there's no personal benefit to brake lights either?
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It is just *nonsense* to say that Shakespeare "invented" those words.

The mistake comes because proper dictionaries, like the OED, have to have a citation -- an example of the first time that word, used in that way, is known to have been used.

Shakespeare is a famous writer whose plays have survived better and are better known than most of the other writers from his time.

So when they go looking for a citation, often Shakespeare is where they find the earliest example. So he has a lot of citations to his name. But he didn't make up the words.
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That might be a more interesting article if the author wasn't clearly out of his tiny mind.

He's obsessed with black men's penises for a start.
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If you think your site has validation errors because it's built with tables, then you have COMPLETELY misunderstood the issue.

Tables are perfectly good HTML. They're not supposed to be used for page layouts, but the validator doesn't know what you've used them for.

One huge reason why your page is invalid is, the DOCTYPE at the top says you're using XHTML, but you're not.
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