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If it was a stealth bomber (or any other aircraft) the amazing thing would be that the countryside around the turbine isn't littered with pieces of aircraft debris.

A lightning strike is possible except there haven't been the meterological conditions in the area for ...well several weeks at least. Given the recent weather conditions, the most likely explanation is ice formation causing structural failure, with the blade that separated from the turbine catching the bent blade as it came away.
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There's one of these on our local park to keep the deer out of the gardens. Apart from the ones smart enough to use the bridge. The ditch is full of muddy water too.
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One of my favourite Neil Gaiman stories. I have a signed copy and Neil drew one of the rats inside the front cover :)
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Pretty amazing - even more amazing that the guy is giving away the complete plans and source code to build your own
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Well, at the end of the day this is a fairly unique book but I personally think that, at this moment in time (and with all due respect), that the author absolutely shouldn't of bothered working on this 24/7 when he could have been studying - it’s not rocket science.

My personal bugbear is people who write "It's a mute point" when they mean "moot point" - the phrases have almost opposite implied meaning.
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@ kid_icarus: Nope - James May has his own science series on the BBC as well. And his own wine series too (with Oz Clarke).
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@ Miss C.

A prang is slang for a crash... generally due to a stupid error of judgement and (usually) one where no-one gets seriously hurt / killed.

Dates from at least WW1 Royal Flying Corps... "pranged the kite on landing old boy" ...that sort of thing ;)
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quote from article: "The prang left the engine and bonnet wrapped around the structure"

Uhh no it didn't... it might have left the bonnet (that's the hood for you American fellas) in serious need of a dent remover, but the engine in a 360 was in the back (behind the driver) last time I looked.
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Bobbert Jefferson's calculations are a litle out as, although it's still about £1:00 per litre here in the UK, the UK imperial gallon is actually 1.20 US liquid gallons by volume and at todays exchange rate (£1.00 :$1.6413) that puts the equivalent pump price at about $6.22 per US gallon. So I still don't want to hear any complaints from you guys about your $2.00 per gallon nightmare.
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