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The story of Evelyn Nesbit, Harry Thaw and Stanford White was certainly bizarre. Hardly surprising that it still fascinates people after more than a century.
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"Blind" covers a lot of territory since many blind people have partial vision (up to 10% to meet the legal definition of blindness). It doesn't take much to have a flasher ruin your day.
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It was a gentler time politically back then. While Roosevelt was recovering, his two opponents actually paused their own campaigns to keep him from falling too far behind.
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Southpaw persecution goes back thousands of years. Even the Bible is filled with anti-left hand references and also influences language we use (hence the origin of the word "sinister").
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""ensured that freak shows and human exhibition would be a worthwhile endeavour for managers and freaks alike."

Not every "freak" was so lucky. "Primitive" humans like Saartjie Baartman and Ota Benga were horribly exploited since they were regarded as less than human.
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