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Is it just me or does the photo above remind anyone else of "Olmec" from "Legends of the Hidden Temple", the game show on Nick from '99 to '09?
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Nope. Last winter and this summer are quite similar to the Winter of '34 and the Summer of '35, respectively. We are going through our general weather cycle. Like everything on Earth, everything is in a cycle, currently, we are in a hot cycle. It will cool down soon.
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A little late on this post, but I had one last night...wasn't impressed. Far too much bread, not enough ingredients. Could have gotten a sub from the Mom and Pop pizza joint down the block and gotten more...and it probably would have been healthier too. :) Subs 1, P'Zolo 0.
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If I want a real sub, I call the local pizza joint (which knows how to make a pizza AND actual subs) and get a real sub with real veggies (even though they go a little nuts with the lettuce) and purple onions (they rock).
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Now they need to get going on jet packs that can go further than a few feet in the air connected to a hose or whatever and a few hundred feet. That and flying cars...where are the flying cars we were promised?
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They made a children's book....about an acid trip. That's what the song is about, an acid trip. But that aside, I don't think dying in space is a great children's book.
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To heck with flying cars, where's my damned jetpack? I am supposed to have one my wall I can easily pick up and fly off with. Stupid 21st Century and it's non-flying cars and no jetpacks. :(
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You can view the 3840x2160 version at the second link to the right of the photo. There you will see it is the Emancipation Proclamation.
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