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Failed prototype of a seeing eye robot head. Failed because you can see that there are outlines for eyes but they have not been installed.

lord of the Breeze 2xl black
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It's a chunk of metal that the $10 bill is hiding behind because Alexander Hamilton was deathly afraid of carpets.

Discombobulate 2Xl
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It is a "go screw youself" device. Patented many years ago by Thomas Edison, who was patenting anything he could, he was told by George Westinghouse to go screw himself. Edison ever a quick thinker, and closet pervert, set his staff to the task of making a device so that he could screw himself. The picture above is what they came up with.

Discombobulate, 2Xl black.
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This is clearly a safe for 5 year olds version of Demon Beast Invasion, once all the various non-five year old safe stuff has been removed, they were left with this one animation cell.

Discombobulate 2XL black
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