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@John Farrier - Still not sure why he thought that being as every pic I saw of the vault had it being really tall. Turns out this was investigated back in '09 and with the help of the creator of Scrooge McDuck on the vault size, its actually in the trillions.

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Great Movie. When Errol Morris went there he really didnt find much controversy about the "Nub City" part of things that he wanted. Thankfully in the end rather than stirring the pot, he just got some really good footage of some quirky people in Vernon, and I think it was much more interesting than the Nub City angle.
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Wow - surprised they left Vasquez Rocks out of that list.
Tons of SciFi, including lots of Trek was filmed there. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasquez_Rocks
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Agreed, If you know so much you smug idiots, why don't you go down and stop it. I suppose their higher plane of concrete knowledge got them in the ivory tower office they are in today.
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It totally took me about three reads to notice that it was underFED and not unDERFed for some strange reason. Just one of those words that looks weird. No I would not eat Soylent Green.
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I call viral marketing hype on this one. I just don't see them completing the movie to come this far and not release it. It'll be out.. as soon as the news gets a hold of it and churns up some public interest for a few days.
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