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Hilarious that the mention of the President's name causes so many here to lose it. Try this, real slow:

It's a tracker that keeps tabs on our President's integrity. That is all.

The President is a very important figure. His behavior affects all our lives. Here is a post that mentions an interesting new gauge for measuring that behavior. Breathe.
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Dangerous, sure, but wouldn't the momentary glee bestowed on so many before the inevitable tragedy or two sort of be like a draw, in the grand scheme of universal balance?
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I think Melissa is probably (unfortunately) right. And it's probably fascist of me to be so glad these kids are out of that psychological cesspool. But I am glad, glad, glad. F*ck those f*cking f*cks.

Lots of people likely poison their children's minds with a pretty high level of hate like this, but there is something uniquely sick about how overt and proud and flagrant they are with it, what with the naming of the kids and the cheerful oblviousness and all. That's a singularly evil sweet spot between garden-variety ignorant hate and sociopathic egotism, something about not only having dark hearts, but wanting to sort of peacock around, provoking and using their children as pawns in their sickness. My live-and-let-live part just blew its fuse.
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Looks like they're looking for a very outgoing, dynamic, super yay!!!-type person based on the short list interview process (activities may include team-building exercises and that sort of crap).

Introverts who just want to get away and like to write probably need not apply.
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I don't know; it seems like kind of a creative solution for people that need help. Best case scenarios like truly good-hearted people coming to form a bond with their host family seem quite plausible. I was a nanny for years and that worked out fine. Just because there's an exchange (money for time, advocacy) doesn't mean it's devoid of meaning or heart. Necessarily.

I suppose ideally we'd all have sprawling extended support systems made up of wonderful people we're glad to be connected inextricably with, but most big families don't fit that description. A lot of people have unhealthy relationships with their family, but are dependent on/beholden to them nonetheless. I think I'd rather choose my team member than have to depend on someone with whom the dynamics were imbalanced and screwy just because they happened to be related to me.
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Thank you Nic M. It IS embarrassing. How difficult would it be to read, like, ONE book on sociology or something before settling on the most convenient, self-serving, uninformed, ignorant appraisal? God, it's scary.
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Whitcwa is correct: he had already plucked out one eye before trial, after which the judge said he was STILL FIT to stand. Obviously a, um, miscalculation.

He's deeply sick and probably can't ever be well. Regular prison isn't the spot for him. And no, it's not okay to kill people who are so insane. They are dangerous and need to be isolated from society and protected from themselves, but obviously don't have the capacity to understand societal rules and should not be punished as if they do, i.e., with execution.
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It's not fake. He's also an incredible ballroom dancer. Also, whenever he does one of his experiments in turning a dollar into twenty thousand through extreme bankroll management, he donates it to charity. The only person who donates more is Barry Greenstein, who plays full time and donates ALL winnings to charity.
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I just stole a sign that has been wired to a fence across from my house for several months. Its small, orange, metal, and says,

All fences, walls, and other impediments
Nonchalance Viability Survey
[picture of a dinosaur]
Elsewhere Public Works Agency"

I called the number. I recommend it.
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