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gw - I agree. Just like in Europe, the US does have some ugly colleges/universities. But we also have some spectaculary beautiful campuses. To name a few, check out Miami University (Ohio), Kenyan College (in Ohio), and the University of Virginia.
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Miss Cellania - you are wrong. I and my wife are both adults (in our 40's - eek!) and we both put ketchup on our hot dogs. She also puts pickle relish on her dogs and I do not.

And the kicker - we live in the Chicago area. We grew up separately and elsewhere, though, so neither of us like Chicago-style dogs.
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Yeah--why not put your fish in a boring old tank with water only? No need for the fancy decorations or ability to have it in the living room for all to see.

skippy75 - I hope you, too, forgot the "/sarc" tag. Or are you against having pets?

I guess I should not tell you that you can get toilets that have a fish tank around the tank of the toilet...
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Daniel Kim - as it should be. If someone breaks into my house, I will protect my family and my stuff. And if that means the one breaking in does not get breakfast, so be it.
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Alex - you keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

What a great movie--the book was better, but the movie does have the better ending of the two.
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Why is it sad? That English is a very adaptable language and will add new or foreign words?

Just because a word is considered dumb or asinine is no excuse to keep it out of the English language.
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The book "Brisingr" by Christopher Paolini (it is the third book of a four-book series) has a great passage of making a sword. Mr. Paolini stated that he got the idea from a book about making Japanese swords (if I remember correctly).

Basically, the sword was made by twisting two different metals together (one metal was stronger than the other).
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I usually use my first name (here, since I was not the first Tim to comment, I had to state I was another Tim).

I also use UrbanSpaceman because I like novelty music, and I thought being the Urban Spaceman on the Internet made sense--hey, I first went online in college when it was the Ethernet.
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Gaulder and Ted - also don't forget that even that even if that item you buy was made in China, there are Americans who got paid for getting that product to the shelf for you to buy.

Granted, not everyone involved in said product is American, but some of them are.
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I agree--these people are idiots. How do they know that our pets get insulted? How do they know that wild life gets insulted?

Geez--what a waste of university money.
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oliver - and how many people you know would be happy to spend their off time playing cop? You really think enough would to validate firing some cops?

And if citizens were complaining, why did the shift leader not send some cops to that area to check it out and make arrests as necessary?

I agree with Figurative - this is why unions are losing support. I have yet to have someone explain to me the usefulness of unions today. Can anyone here do that? If so, thank you in advance.
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Andrewwolf--Yes, you will be teaching some "hot button" topics, but I am still unclear on how the union is going to protect you. Are they going to provide bodyguards? Are they going to stake out your house to make sure noone tries to damage it? How exactly will they protect you?

And I agree, you should live where ever you want to--I was just pointing out that some of my teachers decided to live in another district. Of those that lived in town, a couple of them were my Mom's friends and a few went to the same church I did.

I also agree that kids need to be responsible citizens and be able to think and reason on their own--but you have an uphill battle as other commenters like Jeffos points out. I am not sure how useful collective bargaining is since only about 5% of the US population are union members, though.
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Andrewwolf - and how does a union protect you from those vehemently against math (or whatever subject)? And how is your balancing a public and private life any different than the rest of us worker bees? I guess if you are that concerned of running into parents and your students while shopping, you could do what a lot of teachers I know and had do--they live in a different district than they teach. Even in the rural area I grew up in they could do this if they so desired.

Cosmo - I appreciate most of the teachers I had in school and college. The ones I don't were the ones that should have retired or switched jobs, but were probably still in teaching because they had tenure. What I don't appreciate are the union officials making a lot of money to run the union and not really help the teachers or the students to learn--but forcing the teachers to pay union dues whether they wanted to or not.

If teachers and their unions could focus on how to teach kids what they need instead of polling for politicians and other non-education stuff, the US would be much better off.
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My tip is based on the service I get. For restaurants, I typically start the tip at 20% of my total before tax and move from there depending on service and what all we ask for. For instance, I was part of a party of 6 where we split the check up three ways (by family)--since there were 6 of us, a 15% tip was already added to our bill. I thought the waiter did very well and had a lot to do, so I added more money to up the tip.

On the other hand, years ago, I was with a large party (18 of us) that each had their own expense reports, so we had to have the check divided amongst us. I thought the waitress was rude and not very competent, thus I subtracted the already-included tip--thus giving her nothing.

Before anyone attacks me, know this: my expectations are fairly low on what constitutes the achievement of a 20% tip: get the orders right (or make them right) and stop by during the meal (at least once) to check on things. I know being a waiter/waitress is a hard job and tips are usually shared.
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