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Ho.ly.crap. The "Brick Testament" actually decided to portray my most comically favourite part of the Bible - the parts of Leviticus describing "Sexual Discharges" and how women are "unclean" for seven days after menstruation, and must present two doves as sacrifice for atonement.

The brickwork is impeccable, and the photography is hilarious. Plus, it covers the biblical version of "Red Wings".
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Unfortunately, you're all wrong.

This is a very sad picture of an orphan Gorbleflax from the planet Doo-Lamay. This sad creature was caught sticking its tail out the window of their spaceship as it passed our solar system, and was unforunately caught up in Earth's gravitational pull.

Found in a rice paddy in Shenzhen province, China, and raised to age six by the farm family who found her, she eventually outgrew the farm life and pursued a law degree at Oxford.

Ridiculed by the other students, she took to tattooing herself with cryptic symbols she happened to find interesting after drinking too much cider on weekends off.

Finally, on a cold but clear day in winter '99, she felt a strange pulsing inside her. Although never told what it was, she knew it was a homing signal. She spent an all-too-brief week saying her goodbyes to all her friends (but NOT to that two-timing loser Phillip), and vanished into the ether just after dinner on March 3, 1999.

She will be missed.
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