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If this was in the US, he'd pay tax on the earned income, no matter what he does with it afterward.
No clue here about Chinese tax law, if any exists.

I like the CEO pay scale in Japan:
SONY 1.43M
As compared to the US
'non-profit' United HealthCare $49M

Japan has a 11 to 1 CEO to Average Worker pay ratio. While in the US, it's 475 to 1!
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I have thousands if not millions of rain drops or snow flakes 40 yards before me. This would effectively just turn off the lights?

Jason 123- Agree, the stripes appear black on 'modern' roads when wet.
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Signed my son up when he was younger as long as I had full access and he'd 'friend' me to monitor his usage.
And so I became a FaceBook user.

Years later 'Join this game' and 'Hey, I took my dog for a walk!' or some political rant seem abound on my page. I'm down to checking it once a quarter for no apparent reason.

Off to shoo kids off my lawn and yell at a cloud!
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Beer-Dispensing iPad
By John Farrier in Video Clips on May 21, 2012 at 10:30 pm

Free Catheter Samples
Get up to 200 Catheters Per Month.
Secret revealed?
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If we could control her in a cosmic cat fight with other scantily clad lasses, complete with gun play, light sabers, AND bloody amputations? But here, sadly,

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