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there is nothing wrong with loving your mother. i kind of object to mothers being disrespected as much as they are. i am the mother of an only child, a boy. it has been my experience that a person tends to be closer to their opposite gender parent. i was what some considered a daddy's girl. nothing wrong with that either. unfortunately, my dad died when i was 15. my son and i are best friends, but when he was little, i knew to be a parent as well as a friend. and i think that's the key--you have to know how to strike a balance. i'm not a scary "oh, my god, it's your mother" type. i'm not controlling, we just happen to love each other more than we love anyone else. the only pure love you feel is for your child. everything else has an angle. you either love for financial gain or sexual favors. the love you feel for your child, if you are a real parent, is pure, unconditional and wholly without motive.
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i don't think that's a very good rendition. all you did was take pictures of what they looked like in their heyday and add a few wrinkles. for instance, i look different at 51 than i did at 25. i look older, but i don't have wrinkles. adding wrinkles and nothing else doesn't tell the story of age.
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