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I have been doing this for years. To add to the heresy I also only use enough water to have 2" over the pasta, and turn off the heat when the water starts to boil and just let the pasta cook in the hot water with the lid on for about 9 minutes. It uses about ΒΌ the amount of energy and is faster since you don't have to wait for the water to boil before cooking.There seems to be no detectable difference in the pasta that I can tell.
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Perhaps all understanding is just gaming the system. Scientific understanding never stands still, the ultimate truth is always out of reach, but each level of understanding is useful for something, until it isn't.
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I remember reading several years ago that a pair of eyes on a xerox copy over the honor cup over the coffee machine increased the percentage of people who paid.
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It's interesting that this is the first recorded case of a woman not being able to hear men, while men not hearing women has been an untreated epidemic for centuries if not longer.
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I think putting it into space is too risky and expensive. How about dropping it in a volcano? The waste is very heavy and would swiftly sink in the lava where it would melt and diffuse in the magma layer. You might be able to put it in a streamlined ceramic shell so it does not melt until it is very deep.
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Interesting detail about the bear ripping off the elves head and drinking the blood. That sounds just like an Itchy and Scratchy skit, perhaps Groening thought the Bear/Elf was funny but too out there in the beginning, but after a few years he felt that they could risk that outre humor.
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