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ACK! That's my friend Jayne's site! Woo! People, bookmark Barefoot Kitchen Witch and visit it! She has an incredible sense of humor and her kids are adorable. I'd read it even if we weren't friends ;)
I'm giddy that she's featured here - she's hit the big time! :D
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No offense to Dan and Bizarro, but I usually don't "lol" to the comics... frankly, I suppose I don't usually understand them! THIS one though is BRILLIANT! Hilarious! Perfection! Bravo!
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Awful, just awful. How could the CA courts allow this to happen? I mean, yes, we're all taught to not move someone who may have spinal/neck trauma. But this was a possible life threatening situation! She should be recognized for going out of her way and putting herself in danger to help a friend. Sad story.
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About 12 years ago, my mom and I were driving around and saw an upside-down Christmas tree in someone's front window. We went back the next day with my brother and my father and it was gone... the house wasn't decorated at all. We KNOW we saw it, but of course, everyone else thinks we're a little nutty.
My mom moved 800 miles away earlier this year, so Christmas will be very different this year without her.
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From the pictures, it really doesn't seem like the wall was that high... she probably just got startled or was really interested and accidentally jumped into the slide. That's too bad though, poor thing.
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