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"The only thing we can guarantee by pursuing income “equality” and “fairness” is an equal share of misery."

There are plenty of miserable people under the current scheme of things.
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I thought he was pretty talented, considering he was singing all those different songs. Clever.

Also, I agree with Miss C, the oldies were better.
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"While people may be using it in earnest you have to be stupid to think nobody is abusing it."

Killer you might want a toke or 2 for the legitimate purpuse of getting that burr out of your ass.
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TomFromNorway - I personally got nothing against Norway and your neck of the woods. There's alot we could learn from how you do things. But, of course, half the people here might agree with you, and the other have would be adamantly opposed, so we've got that dynamic going.
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I agree with Lowery, it is looting.

I was one of the first Napster users, now I buy music via iTunes, and occasionally other places. Haven't stolen anything in years.

That said, Napster had great stuff that didn't make it to iTunes - strange covers, novelty songs, etc. The fact that that stuff is gone kind of sucks.
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The real question is what do they have to say?

"Still, he shies away from asking patients the toughest question of all — whether they wish life support to be ended — saying that it is too early to think about such applications."
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I remember disliking Disco cause I thought it was overproduced and shmaltzy. Some of it was, but still,when Saturday Night Fever came on at the club people danced.
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