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I have enjoyed the goat and its antics every year since learning about it here and I was very much looking forward to reading the goat’s tweets or whatever they’re calling them this week but alas they are unable to be viewed without an account. I will have to settle for watching the webcam occasionally and wondering if the goat will again burn this year.
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Such a thing does exist and is used in archiving. I was surprised that they were using needles but maybe I am just not an expert. Though I did cringe when he started the record and dropped the needle on while it was spinning. I was taught to drop then start but maybe I am also wrong again. Shrug.
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We ended up adopting a dog with the same name as mine when I was in high school.

I once got very excited to have received mail with my name on it, as I didn't receive much mail at the time. Much to my disappointment I found out I was due for my rabies and distemper vaccinations.
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I've been a fan of Pi since first seeing it years ago. Unfortunately, I've noticed the versions I've found on streaming seem to be missing a few little bits and pieces, a line here, a shot there. While we're speaking of simply seconds of the movie that are missing, it changes the whole dynamics of some scenes. Thus this changes the feel of the film.
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That's what they see when the house lights are all up and the stage lights are off.

When you're on stage performing all you see is a bright wall of light and nothing but a black void where the house is. This is why flash photos are extremely distracting to stage actors. They literally blind you.
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Poor piggie and shame on that pet owner. The Guinea pig is clearly distressed, that cry it made is one of fear, and obviously can't get down because they're not climbers. Lucky the cat didn't actually bite into him.
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