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Old age is not for sissies. That said, it's kind of sad to think any "health practitioners" need to experience pain themselves before they believe what their patients are going through. Empathy not working?
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My girly cat started making the most horrific agonized howling yesterday. When I went to investigate, she immediately horked up a lump of grass. I learned new cat language!
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I'm guessing a lot of this gunshot victims will be gangbangers who probably are hopped up on any variety of illegal drugs when they're brought in rather than healthy people who aren't on drugs. That's going to skew the results, but the article didn't mention how they're controlling for that. What if they end up with results that show "this only works if you're really high on meth" or something?
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Yes, that does strike me as extremely odd. Flea markets are places where people sell their crafts and chipped dishes get a second chance at life. They are not places where items have a $13,000 price tag. I don't think he bought it at a flea market, and he's covering up the real source.
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And before some millenial comes in here and makes the mistake: parachute pants were not baggy MC Hammer pants. They were skintight, had numerous zippers and were made of silk/nylon parachute cloth.
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