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One of our local libraries is made from an old grocery store. (http://www.btr-architects.com/Edenprairielibrary.htm) In looking for pictures I found out that the original town library was in a Quonset hut, which gives me new appreciation for the roof of the current one.

As for that even bigger Walmart, I've seen several converted to schools lately.

I've seen ones where they were even able to fit two stories of classrooms inside. Or where they have only used half the building and the other half was used as a giant indoor playground/gym.
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It is a book of Chinese as a second language (for English speakers). Notice the answer key at the bottom of the page is in English. Based on that, I am guessing this is aimed at people who can already count and the hands are meant to be humorous.
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The holodeck is already here: http://www.vrac.iastate.edu/c6.php

And the best part is that when they are between programs, the "desktop" looks just like the yellow grid of the inactive Star Trek holodeck!
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This is an old girl scout recipe. We were taught to peel one flap of the banana and remove one wedge of the inside to make room for the chocolate chips. Then you can use the peel flap to close it back up again. Once you wrap it in aluminum foil, it isn't quite so critical to keep them upright.

Warning - although they are delicious, they do not come out looking pretty like in the picture.
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@emmakate -- one can never tell what will be useful in the future. Vocabulary I learned from the Hamlet soliloquy I had to memorize in high school came up in conversation just yesterday. And my computer has balanced my checkbook for me for several years.
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I went to a school with a uniform and I lobbied unsuccessfully for the girls to be allowed to wear trousers (for equality and comfort). It seems I was going about it all wrong.
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People use "creek" everywhere. If you read the fine print, both "creek" and "river" were colored grey to make the less common words more visible.
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