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Granted, it is more expensive to eat healthy, at least when you're talking about cereals, cuts of meat, etc. But really, this is a little ridiculous. A lot of it seems to be a motivation issue. There are more worthy people who could use that 30,000 a month.
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I think I would be irritated by the change if I watched the Simpsons anymore. Like some of the other people who have commented, I miss the old days when the Simpsons was funny and fresh, rather than the tired, self-aware cartoons trying to keep up with the equally tired Family Guy.
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Lolita, Lady Chatterly and Brave New World are counted among some of my favorite books. While they have challenging subjects, they are thoroughly thought provoking. For example, Humbert in Lolita illustrates his disgusting love for the young Lolita with such beautiful words that you have to remind yourself how sick it really is. D.H. Lawrence writes his heroine, Constance Chatterly, with such depth and insight that it's amazing he's not a woman himself. These are beautifully written, and carefully crafted, clearly undeserving of the bans they received. Banning books in general is a very dangerous thing.
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Facebook is so sick. I found out a few things myself over it, learning some really painful facts through seeing people gossip on a wall. Do people even realize that EVERYONE can see what you write? Do people even care really?
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I was pretty sure I was going to be disgusted, but I read the whole article and found myself actually pitying these women. It must be very difficult to see the person you love suffer and stress out. While yes, the blog is pretty ridiculous, the article assures that it's supposed to be a tongue and cheek farce. Still... I suppose it takes all kinds, doesn't it?
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