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This ALWAYS happens around my work. My Work Campus has many large Trash Cans with a large open mouth on the side. One day I was going into one of our buildings and I heard what sounded like a Starwars Laser battle happening from the trashcan near the door. I stood still and tried to figure out what was going on. Then a very angry squirrel popped out the mouth and then saw me and just jumped as hard as possible back into the trash. So loud bang as the he launched him self into the metal can and then I heard a noise and nearly fell over with glee as two squirrels popped out of the trash can. So the laser sounds was a fight in the plastic liner as they chased each other. Thank-you Mid-West Tree Rats for your entertainment...and possibly rabies.
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I love Eric Perkins...He is the only reason I watch local news in the Twin Cities. He is a big kid. He does a Perk at Play segment where he usually gets his ass handed to him by High School Athletes. He is a big kid and a blast to watch.
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