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I think its funny that i dont usually here about what a specific month has been designated for until the last week or two of said month. I mostly notice it with commercials for sales or discounts 'all month long' and there is only a week left. Same thing with articles or news stories. Is it because advertising all month long is more expensive than having just a sign up in your shop and then at the last moment do advertisements? I think so.
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Why aren't the rings inscribed on the full image of the ring? You can see the inside band pretty clearly and they aren't inscribed. Did she take one picture then have them inscribed and then afterwords took the close-up pic? They are nice looking rings, clever idea.
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I do most of the cleaning/chores at home and my wife DOES stay at home. Stuff doesnt get done daily and daddy has to pick up the slack when he gets home from work. Kids are still alive when i get home so i guess thats something. By the time i get home i have to 'relieve' the mommy so she can take a break.... Aaaannnd Venting is completed.
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Why are they 'back alley' electronic stores? Do they sell illegal stuff or something that you cant get elsewhere that would make this much harder for the average (but smart) Joe to make?
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