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Yes its a torturing device, but specifically used on those suspected of witchcraft... don't want to touch those pesky witches.
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Avast, Pious, go crawl back into ye bloodbath battlefeilds, ye scurvy christian scum.

(And guybrush- 'I can see a diorama of of all the children in the world, all happy and living in peace. No, wait')

On that belated note, I am off to make ye a Neatorama diorama.

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another thing is that Australia is seeing a high increase of straight men falling in love with gay guys or other straight men. Queer society is flourishing down here in sunny Australia! Plus the new show on Aussie tv where they stick guys infront of a panel of women to judge them and comment isn't helping either!! Its ruthless I tells ya!
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Poor thing probably had a bad curry or kebab and someone decided to photograph it at a moment where privacy was paramount! Mr Whale, i apologize on behalf of the the human population. No seriously, we totally poo a little too sometimes!
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talky talky happy talk, talk about things you like to do. You've got to have a dream, if you dont have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true!
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it is the rocket that Galileo and and Da Vinci used to fly to the moon. Twice. They would have romantic candle-light dinners, sip wine, watch re-runs of Will and Grace, before measuring the depth of a well and how far they traveled on the Moon-Ocean. It's a hard life being a genius, so they found a place where they could be themselves and share their love.
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for Dave: What you assume is that they are afflicted by what you view as abject... this is their way of life, for 10,000 yrs or more, what you propose is the elitist ideal that Western civilization has all the answers, supplying the Others with decent values followed closely by colonization. Think before you 'try to do the good thing,' something I agree with Mel that the missionary's will not do.
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'An armed society maintains the peace, defends the weak, and ensures liberty.'

...coz thats worked out so well in the past. Peace: it seems like America and its guns are 'needed' for peace. Defends the Weak: you can quite easily exchange the term Defends with Exploits, and as for ensuring Liberty: that only extends to a certain few...
patriotism can bind people together, but quite easily can it blind them too.
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