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As a mother, who breast fed, I will defend any woman's right to breast feed. However, this was not an appropriate setting. If her child was sick, she should have either canceled class or found a sitter. In addition to the feeding, what the child was ill with could have been spread to others in the room in theory. That being said, I DO think that given the topic, I would have expected there to be no problem. Especially if she was covered so that her breast wasn't fully exposed.
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That's The Dark Lord, Voldemort's old seal. Back when he was called "Morty" he would dip the hammer in wax to seal his correspondence. However, too many people mistook the M for a W and started calling him "Worty." This lead the the immediate torture and death of many, and thus "Voldemort" was born.

Family Shmamily grey XL.
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This is the gift my husband gave me on Mother's Day morning. It was so romantic, as I was receiving my card from my son, I heard him mumble "aw, crap." Obviously, he forgot to wrap it. He ran out to the garage, he must have hidden it well because I heard all kinds of boxes being tossed around. I'm afraid to ask him what it is since he obviously put so much time and effort into choosing it, so if someone knows, please let me know. Right now, I'm just using it as a paper weight.

Family Schmamily shirt... 2XL ash gray.
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I'm completely guessing.

Old portable gun stands. The spike goes into the ground, and the U shape at top is for leaning your rifle against. Possibly so that you can keep your weapon loaded without being in danger of dirt and gunk getting into the firing mechanisms?

What happens at Grandma's L blue.
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