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Oh, hai! You look different today... what is it? Have you been at the hairdresser? Yes, it's that! Very nice hairdo... Very practical indeed, you can carry your books in it.
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You guys are looking wrong at the problem.

Post pictures of yourself half-naked and then complain that people see you as a sexual object.

I don't get AT ALL self pictures, duck faces, cleavage and showing the ass.

I love my body, -I luckly got nice genes, and I love sports-, I am sexually active, but that is not all I am. What about values, inteligence, education?

No need to say, I am also quite alone with my point of view...
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@geebus: restless legs is un ugly problem that I have to live with. No much explanation about its origins, no medicine really works. It runs in the family. Not always bothers me, but man, think that suddenly to lay in bed is a problem. It's uncomfortable. It's not the bed, not the temperature. Sometimes you're not even concious that you are moving your limbs until somebody ask you to stop. Now tell me a solution to it.

I am not offended by your ignorance, don't worry. I just want to point that some sickness are just discovered, which doesn't mean that they are not real.
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The only thing that I see wrong here, and it is not a small detail, is the message. Tell a kid he's a thief and he will be.

'I have done something wrong' or 'I will never steal again' are much better options.
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I live in GC, and it is not rare that the stranger cashier at the supermarket calls you "my love", "honey", "beauty" (in Spanish, of course). It is normal here to call each other in an affectionate way, even to strangers.

So let's say that that bus driver was trying to hit on me. What's the harm? I will get offended if somebody ask me "to go back to the kitchen, where I belong".

People doesn't know what to complain about.
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Pizza is like sex: when it's not amazing, it is still pretty good. Well, actually sex has way much more chances of going wrong. It's pizza, how can it be wrong?
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