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No-one asked me. My business almost failed and is only being kept afloat by US customers.

The Australian government is still in denial and is merrily distoring the figures. They are going to run out of money soon. A breeze of stagflation is wafting through the air.
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IMO Al-Jazeera is as straight an unbiased as any other quality news service. For it to have any credibility it has to be far more so than any commercial news service in the USA (or here in Australia). Of course it does that admirably.
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I know how she feels. Fedex Australia has twice let me down in similar ways and arrogantly charged me for doing so. She'd have been way better off sending her stuff by post.
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Yergh! Most of those things would have no calories at all for me. The only things I would actually eat are the butter (over several days) and the Chick-fil-a sandwich.

I got 70% by just going against the obvious answer. I have been more vigilant since I found that my favorite
smoked trout dip has more fat than Blue Castello cheese.

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Marathon du Medoc:

A marathon with compulsory rest stops for wine and food tasting in the Bordeaux region. Extra points for costumes and themes. Points deducted for finishing too soon.
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Got to 49 repeatedly. After that it is a matter of guessing which vague, wrong or just plain silly answer to pick.

It looks like the quiz was compiled by several people, some of whom know the words and their usages, and some of whom dipped randomly into a thesaurus in the time honoured manner of tabliod crossword compilers.
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I wonder what the analysis is for the Realm of New Zealand. It has to be better than that of the Commonwealth of Australia with Dubya's God bothering mate in charge.
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