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@bearfoot you are right in that a bicycle is a vehicle and should be treated as such, so your point about how wrong they are to be in the middle of a vehicle lane is myopic, because motorcyclists and most compact motorized transport also have the right to use the lane it is not simply a "car lane". That is the biggest problem beside the hobby-ist or undereducated bike user, people not understanding a bicycle as a form of transportation for more then just children. Americans have this lame classist system that cars are the king of the road and anything else is unpatriotic or childish. Saving gas and lives by using alternatives to the huge personal automobile should be at the forefront of transportation dialogue in the US and not seen as an enemy towards progress. I try to strictly follow the traffic laws when I ride my bicycle because as the California DMV handbook says I am a vehicle and legal I must follow the rules of the road.
Another part of the problem is that law enforcement is not present or educated about all vehicles that share the road due to underfunding or no funding at all. Making the terrible state of the economy probably the real villain , well besides anybody who would risk others lives before their own wants.
We seem to be seeking enemies where there were no enemies before.
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In Many states what this restaurant in the story did is called kidnapping. They need to call it a service fee because gratuity by definition means a gift or something given without obligation.
I tip and hope the places I eat at are like the one I worked at, that pooled tips and shared it with the cooks and dishwashers.
Also if you live in California or Oregon( Portland at least) and you do not get paid minimum wage, you need to report that place asap.
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