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Batman's size varies a lot in the DCAU. I think there is a Bruce Timm interview where he talks about how the character design had to change to fit in with the cast and the role they were expecting him to play.

Early in Batman TAS he was fairly lean. Then he gets bigger when the art style changes and Tim Drake shows up. He and Superman are essentially the same size in the Batman/Superman crossover episodes. Then in Justice League he seems to get smaller (or at least leaner) to be a better counterpoint to a big strong Superman. And Bruce is still quite stocky in Batman Beyond to contrast with a young lean Terry. It's generally hard to get a good feel for his height, because the length of the ears on the cowl change quite a bit.
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Interesting but not especially accurate. Among other things, the ancestor of the modern domesticated cow is the aurochs. They have a lot more in common with buffalo than the modern cow. They're huge and have massive horns, but this didn't stop them from being domesticated twice in both India and Eurasia.
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This makes very little sense to me. You can buy an inexpensive tent that sleeps 2 for $30 at Walmart. It won't last forever, but it will last multiple uses and packs up very small. And it will last far longer than a $16 cardboard tent will in the rain. Perhaps European pricing on camping goods isn't as good with VAT, etc.?
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" Loved Back to the Future."

1955 Doc asks Marty who the President is in 1985. Marty replies that it is Ronald Reagan. Doc replies incredulously saying "The actor?" This is one of Reagan's favorite lines in the movie. He made the projectionist stop and rewind the film at least once so he could hear it again.
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Great idea, except that my indoor cat hates all collars with a passion. Also I have an orange cat so you would never see the collar. And cat collars should be break-away anyway which means any cat that is outside long enough won't have one.
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This is true of a lot of medieval items that didn't really exist. For instance the iron maiden and several other torture devices were basically made up based on mistranslations of medieval documents.
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Ughh some of their suggestions are awful. Max and Ruby is every overused sitcom trope rolled into one, but with rabbits. Their parents are absent and it teaches your kids nothing. HATE.

Also Dora the Explorer is on their hate list, but it's a great show because it is interactive. Dora asks your kid to pay attention, listen, and respond. This sort of analysis of what they are seeing is an advanced concept that kids need to learn early. Also unlike almost every show of it's type, Dora actually has fairly slow pacing and long pauses so the kids can actually interact. It might be annoying in spots, but it is also brilliant.
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